AirMAX Heat Recovery Wheel

Working Principle

Heat Recovery Wheel is composed of alveolate heat wheel, case, drive system and sealing parts. The exhaust and outdoor air pass through half of the wheel separately, when the wheel rotates, the heat and moisture are exchanged between the exhaust and outdoor air. The energy recovery efficiency is up to 70% to 90%.

1. Entering the cold air half

When the wheel enters the cold air half suddenly from warm air half, temperature dropsquickly.  Heat  is  absorbed  bycold air and the temperature of cold air rises slightly.Heat exchange efficiency is high at this moment due to the bigger temperature difference.Meanwhile, the moisture on the wheel goes into the dry and cold air.

2.In the middle of cold air half    

 When the wheel rotates to the    middle of cold air half, the air temperature continues to drop and moisture continues to dissipate.The dry and cold air is heated and.Humidified continually. Heat exchange efficiency drops due to the reducing temperature difference.

3. Leaving the cold air half

When the wheel is leaving the cold air half, its temperature and  humidity  become  same as the cold air. The heat  exchange between the wheel and cold air ends. The temperature and humidity of the cold air stop changing. Wheel temperature drops to minimum and wheel dryness increases to maximum.

4. Entering the warm air half

Warm air passes though the wheel in reverse direction. Heat exchange efficiency is high at this moment due to the bigger temperature difference. Tempera- ture of this humid and warm air drops quickly, and its moisture is absorbed heavily by the wheel.

5In the middle of warm air half

When the wheel rotates to the middle of the warm half, efficiency drops because the wheel temperature rises and the temperature difference drops.The moisture absorbent coated on the surface of the wheel is becoming saturated, the moisture absorption capacity decrease

6. Leaving the warm air half

The wheel is heated completely. Its temperature is same as the warm air and the humidity exchange stops. The efficiency is zero.




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